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MCX Trading Software

Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited or MCX is the first listed exchange of India. MCX facilitates the online exchange of commodity derivatives transactions. It can be said that the MCX creates a platform for risk management and price discovery. MCX works on the regulatory framework of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

MCX offers to trade in contracts based on commodity derivatives. It is applicable in several segments that include metals for industries, bullions, agricultural commodities and energy. This is the first exchange in India which provides commodity options contract.

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Understanding MCX

MCX is India’s largest commodity derivatives exchange accounting to a market share of 91.3%. This figure is based on the value of commodity futures contract as traded in the first quarter of 2019. MCX Exchange focuses on aiding commodity value chain with an unbiased and transparent mechanism of trade. It even composes the regulatory mechanism but in conformity with the regulatory framework.

The MCX has established alliances with leading global exchanges like CME Group, London Metal Exchange (LME), Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX), etc. A significant reason for this is international integration with global commodities.

These alliances enable improving the trade market practices, increase of awareness, and thus it enhances the global commodity market. The fundamental reason for the development of the MCX Exchange business is the proper application and use of technology. The powerful technological infrastructure of the Exchange along with the fast deployment capabilities have resulted in the rapid development of the commodity market.

MCX has raised the standard and eased the commodity derivatives market through effective product development and research with the help of science and technology. MCX has maintained a high record of ethical business conduct, innovation, and unsurpassed leadership.

MCX Trading Software

MCX trading is one of the most secure places to trade. Unlike the Equity market which combines a minimum time frame to place an order, MCX trading enables it to be done till midnight. The margins are relatively low with greater transparency.

Thus MCX trading is a highly a sought liquid market. MCX can access Internet Based Trading facility also known as MCX Trading Software, after receiving permission from the exchange. The members can obtain Internet Trading Software from software vendors. These software vendors must be empaneled with MCX.

Thus, the MCX Trading Software enables the traders to project a high-end trading facility. It can increase your consistency in the markets. It is a highly beneficial software tool that is a boon to all the MCX traders.